We are happy to hear your are interested in our upcoming training. Below you will find information regarding our upcoming Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) training.

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The course will cover the following:



Welcome to Our Training


You are one step closer to adding a procedure to your repertoire that will change people’s lives, and increase your earning potential.  If you are not interested in training at this time, we do have an affiliate program and will pay you for referrals!


We will be holding classes every 1st and 15th in Chicago.  This class is going to be conducted by.

Jeff Villenas.


• Introduction to SMP

• Equipment/Workstation

o Workstation Setup

o Hygiene

o Picasso Pen setup

o Mixing the Inks

• Application

o Holding the Pen

o Depth

o Pattern

o Technique

♣ Paper

♣ Melons

♣ Mannequin

• Hairline

o Creating the hairline

♣ Conservative

♣ Natural

♣ Hard

• Density

• Blending

• Scars

• Alopecia

• Scenarios

o Examples of different procedures

o Ink absorption

o Do’s and Don’ts

• The consultation

o Treatment options

o Desired Hairline

o Allergies

o Aftercare

o Quoting the client



- Procedure on live model

- If you live in the Chicagoland area, we will require you to bring your own Model.

- If you are flying in from another state, we will do our best to find you a model.


However, it is not unusual to ask your model to fly into Chicago for the last day of training- the money spent on a ticket is far less than what they would pay to have the procedure done!


We will provide you with a Kit that includes the equipment you need as an SMP technician:

• Picasso Pen

• Power supply

• 3 Inks (light, medium, dark)

• 3 Needles

• Flexible Ruler

• Wax Pen

In order to get certified, you will be required to pass the training and perform the complete procedure on 1 individual.  Jeff will be available for guidance during these procedures.  You will send in pictures of the progression of your work.


Students are required to have their Blood Borne Pathogen certification prior to starting the class.  This can be attained through the Red Cross and other outlets online.  We will require that you purchase our Training Kit, and make a $500 deposit when you confirm, and the remaining $3400 prior to the start of class.  You can also make a full payment here.


We look forward to hearing from you, and setting you up for success in SMP!


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